Top Employment Agencies to Help You Land a Job in Gillingham

In today’s world, having a job is very important for you and your family’s survival. are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, are you tired of filling out endless job applications for permanent roles and facing rejection every time? you’re not alone. But, don’t give up, you’re in the right place.

Finding a quick job can be a difficult task in a city like Gillingham, especially in today’s competitive market. However, with the right support at the right time, the job search process can become much easier and more effective.

In Gillingham, several employment agencies are dedicated to guiding job seekers like you toward their ideal careers. Whether you have a degree or not doesn’t matter. these agencies will help you to find relevant job accordingly. These agencies offer more than just a Blah Blah job listings—they provide personalized support, available resources, and a network of connections to help you stand out. They can be your trusted partners in achieving your employment goals. Whether you’re looking for temporary, permanent, or contract positions across various industries, these agencies are committed to helping you find the perfect job.

Mc Personnel

MC Personnel, one of the oldest recruitment agencies in Gillingham, boasts over 25 years of recruitment experience. they offer permanent, temporary, and contract jobs with various companies located around London and Kent. Their dedicated team of consultants provides 24/7 support to ensure you receive the assistance you need whenever you need it. Additionally, they offer transport services on certain routes to help you reach your workplace with ease. Trust MC Personnel to connect you with the right job opportunities and support you every step of the way.

Specialities: Industrial, Engineering, Hospitality, Office & Driving business

Location: 83b High St Gillingham, Kent ME7 1BL


Contact: 01634 576111


Anonymous: I have been registered with this agency and working with them for a few years. They provide quick work and enough shifts to get by, though there are times when shifts are not available. It’s a great option to start working to survive while applying with other Companies.

Anonymous: The best part of them is their website, especially the job portal. I can easily create my CV or profile, apply for permanent roles directly through the portal, and seek guidance from their team.

Anonymous: I was amazed when I visited the agency; they quickly registered me and provided brand new shoes and high-visibility clothes. After 3 day they called me to start work. Quote Places aren’t beautiful by themselves, but people like Danni and Halie make it a much better place to work.

Team Support

Team Support is a privately owned recruitment company, established in 1989. their first branch opened in Acton, which has since become now their Head Office. From these humble beginnings, they have grown into a national network with branches across the UK, from Scotland to the South of England (Gillingham Also), this agency recruits both for temporary and permanent positions.

If you’re a job seeker, you can get registered there, and can explore all their current vacancies or upload your CV so they can notify you when a suitable position becomes available. To register for work with this agency, visit their registration page or visit their local branch.

Specialities: Manufacturing, Distribution, Driving, Food Production, Care, Catering, Office Support

Location: 45 Green St, Gillingham ME7 1AD


Contact: 01634 572000


Anonymous: I have worked for Team Support numerous times in the past and they have always been very helpful and quick in finding me work. Helen banks is wonderful, a god send this time in finding me on going work on the same day it was requested, very professional and respectful. I fully recommend this agency.

Anonymous: Very helpfull staff went in there today got registered and was offered work straight away  starting on tuesday would highly recommend.

Anonymous: Avoid. Wholly unprofessional.  Omitted the fact that a Enhanced DBS would be required for the post applied  Also that I would be paying for it. (£66).  This would take a minimum of six weeks to process through the system prior to starting the new job. Two staff members in the Gillingham office.  Neither of whom was the person who contacted me in the first place. One person was polite and apogetic.  The other didn’t raise their eyes from the keyboard. for.

Premier Recruitment Group Limited

Premier Recruitment Group Limited, offers both temporary and permanent jobs. their exceptionally proactive and responsive service meets every requirement. they are licensed by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to regulate standards in the food processing, packing, and agricultural industries. As this agency is a member of the Association of Labour Providers and a partner of the Stronger Together initiative, they tackle hidden labour exploitation and uphold high industry standards.

Specialities: Commercial, Industrial, healthcare, life science

Location: 3B King St, Gillingham ME7 1EY


Contact: 01634 935130


Anonymous: I have been working with them over 4 years never had any disagreement.

Anonymous: They were outstanding from start to finish. My first time using Premier Recruitment led to a permanent position. Despite some delays due to my holiday, she was thorough and communicative throughout. I am now in the position I wanted and couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!

Anonymous: I visited this place like 3 times and ask them if they have something available but they took my number every time and tell me we will contact you but they will never.

OSP Group Recruitment

Based in Gillingham, Kent, OSP Group Agency has offices in London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Liverpool, and Glasgow serving construction, transport, freight, and industrial companies in London and South East England. They have built a reputation for sourcing, training, and motivating the skilled workers needed in the UK for the construction, transport, logistics, and industrial sectors.

Specialities: Construction, industrial, specialist construction, services for candidates, transport & freight

Location: 123 Watling St, Gillingham ME7 2YW


Contact: 01634 580555


Anonymous: I engaged with this recruitment agency, and I’m impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. They understood my requirement for job stability well, presented relevant stable opportunities, and guided me through the entire hiring process seamlessly. Overall, a positive experience that I would recommend to others.

Anonymous: The individuals working within the Agency are friendly and concise. The communication is clear and positive and I was impressed with how quickly they were able to find and offer me work. Great!

Navigating the job market in Gillingham can be much easier with the help of a reputable employment agency. Whether you’re looking for temporary work, a permanent position, or specialized roles, these agencies can help you land a job that aligns with your career goals. By registering with these agencies listed above and following best practices, you can enhance your job search and increase your chances of finding a suitable position.

In addition to working with these agencies, continue to pursue relevant job applications. Don’t give up and stay clear about your goals. Make sure not to miss any opportunities that come your way. Hope you like this article. I strive for accuracy, but if any information is incorrect, please leave a comment below.

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